Adding Value

I don’t know how you woke up this morning. Maybe you were abruptly awakened by a screaming kid, a fire alarm, a blaring alarm clock, the vibrations of your Fitbit or other wearable, a gentle kiss from your partner, an easy shake, the sunlight beaming into your bedroom, or just your circadian rhythm. At some point [...]


MVP Selflessness

Rather you're an NBA fan or not, you've either seen or heard of Steph Curry.  He is known for his excellence on the basketball court.  He led his team to an NBA regular season record of 73-9.  Amazing, right?  Throughout an 82 game season, his team only lost 9 times.  That is an excellent display [...]

4 Easy ways to Show Respect

Respect, it's something that everyone wants. It's something that everyone deserves.   Not only does everyone want and deserve it, but a true gentleman will provide it to others. The act of respecting one another is one way to differentiate a gentleman from a man or boy. Here's the best thing. If you find that you're not [...]