Adding Value

I don’t know how you woke up this morning. Maybe you were abruptly awakened by a screaming kid, a fire alarm, a blaring alarm clock, the vibrations of your Fitbit or other wearable, a gentle kiss f… Source: Adding Value


How to Wait for “The One”

On December 21, 2013 my life changed forever. This is the day that I met my wife. It was a snowy Sunday morning in Chicago. It had been about 10 days since my wife and I had first started talking.  After spending two hours a Starbucks on Clark Street, captivated by her every word, sipping coffee, … Continue reading How to Wait for “The One”

Happy Father’s Day

If your calendar isn't marked, you don't have a TV, or any access to social media, you may not know that this Sunday is Father's Day. For me, this holiday has always included a barbeque and small family gathering. Father's Day can elicit a variety of emotions, depending upon your relationship with your father. I … Continue reading Happy Father’s Day

3 Small Steps to Change Our World

If you pay any attention to the headlines in the United States they are full of acts of hatred, violence, and ignorance. Let's take a few of the most recent headline stories; Mass murderer kills 50 in a shooting spree at LGBT nightclub, Stanford swimmer rapes unconscious girl, and Christina Grimmie is gunned down outside … Continue reading 3 Small Steps to Change Our World

What Running has Taught me About Being a Gentleman

On the surface running and being a gentleman don't have much in common. When I think of runners a few images come to mind; the Kenyan elite runners, middle and high school cross country teams, and then the hodge-podge of sprinters, middle-aged runners, and weekend warriors. Most of these groups do not paint a mental … Continue reading What Running has Taught me About Being a Gentleman