Best Self and Materialism

It's my opinion that most of the world views being a Gentleman and always presenting your best self through the lens of being dressed to the 9's, in today's newest fashion. While it is important to always present your best self and be dressed to the occasion, you don’t have to have the newest fashion. … Continue reading Best Self and Materialism


4 ways to create a Gentlemanly Value System

Prior to viewing materialism through the lens of the pillars of the GentlemanProject I want to discuss the importance of creating and upholding your own personal value system. This is not a value system that is created by those around you, or by your hometown. This is a value system you create with yourself and … Continue reading 4 ways to create a Gentlemanly Value System

Materialism, Value Systems, and Gentlemen

When's your payday? Do you get paid every day, every week, every other week, twice a month, monthly, or every time that you make a sale? Regardless of when you get paid, we can all agree on how rewarding it is to receive a payment for your services! You wake up, check your mobile banking … Continue reading Materialism, Value Systems, and Gentlemen