The Expecting Gentleman…

On Saturday my wife and I’s lives are about to change.  I know that you’re thinking we’re having a child, but this is not the fact.  We are heading back to St. Louis to pick up the newest addition to our family, a Golden Retriever puppy!  During my 12 days of Selfless Christmas I posted one photo of the bundle of joy because we had the daunting task of choosing him from a litter of 8 Golden’s.  We know that our lives are going to be completely altered, however we are anxiously awaiting that change.


My wife has been wanting a puppy for over a year, and we finally had the opportunity to add a Golden Retriever to our growing family.  When choosing a name we were looking for a southern name, to embrace our new home of Dallas. The final two names were Cash and Tucker.  The winner was Tucker!  Tucker will be leaving Wisconsin on Friday morning, thanks to my mother and father in law for voluenteering to meet us half way.  We’ll meet Tucker and my in-laws at my parents house.  Then we’ll spend two days with our parents, and bring Tucker back home!  Tucker will be traveling over 1100 miles from Wisconsin to Dallas.  He’s quite the trooper.

We have been blessed that the breeder is one of my mother-in-law’s friends.  Therefore we have received many updates and pictures from the very beginning.  She has also done an outstanding job of house and potty training Tucker!  Thank you so much!  Yesterday we received a picture that proves Tucker is a young Gentleman.  He’s sleeping on the floor with on of his sisters, “Winnie” and he had his arm around her protecting her.  He’s already a follower of GentlemanProject.

Gentleman Tucker.png

We are new to the dog world, with this being our first puppy.  I wanted to ask what advice y’all might have for a new dog owner?! I look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Trails!


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