What is GentlemenProject

The Gentlemenproject is my personal view on what characteristics, personality traits, and attitudes makeup the DNA of a gentleman.  In our current society we are pummeled with ads of men dressed in a classic tuxedo, holding a glass of whiskey, and, on his right arm, a beautiful woman.  This depiction is the most common and classical visual representation.

While the importance of presenting one’s best self, looking the part, and dressing to the 9’s is an appealing part of being a gentleman, there’s much more.  The Gentlemenproject is about peeling back the layers of a gentleman.  It’s about uncovering the motivators behind a gentleman.  It’s about understanding the pillars of behaviors, attitudes, and routines, which build a gentleman.  It’s about knowing how to act like a gentleman, and holding our fellow peers to our standard.

The society that we live in today is much different from that of the 1950’s.  I understand this.  The Gentlemenproject will dissect what we can learn from the previous generation of gentlemen and how to implement that in our current society.  The Gentlemenproject will also look at behavioral influencers, of today’s society, and provide the gentleman’s approach to these societal views.  We will also teach you to mold your friends, family, and children into the next generation of gentlemen.

We all want to be a part of the Rat Pack; Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammie Davis Jr. Peter Lawford, and Joey Bishop. There are a variety of infamous photos of this group.   It is time for us to help you make your own Rat Packs: Rat Packs of true gentlemen.