A New Horizon

I want to thank everyone who has supported The GentlemenProject. I'm excited to announce that I'll be continuing my blogging journey on a new platform.  I've moved over to SquareSpace and I have a new name. The blog is called, The Gentlemen Revival.  You can find it here... TheGentlemenRevival I'm continuing my journey of creating … Continue reading A New Horizon


How to Not Overcommit

In today's quick paced environment it's easy to wake up and find that you're overcommitted.  This necessarily doesn't mean overcommitted to others; this could also mean you're overcommitting to yourself.  Our world is filled with continual newsfeed refreshes, instant-gratification, and positive praises towards those who overcommit.  Don't get me wrong, a Gentleman needs to be … Continue reading How to Not Overcommit

The Year I Choose to be Intentional

"He who knows his why can endure any how." There have been many different versions of this quote; some by Victor Frankyl, Friedrich Nietzche, and many others. I want you to ask yourself, how are you going to endure 2017? What is your why for accomplishing your goals? It's January eight, and I would bet … Continue reading The Year I Choose to be Intentional

Reflections From 12 Days of Selfless Christmas

Self-reflection is one the of pillars of the GentlemenProject. Therefore, I have spent some time reflecting on my 12 days of selfless Christmas project.  Initially I focused on how blessed I am to be in a position where I can focus on giving back to others; my time, financially, and emotionally.  I feel blessed that I … Continue reading Reflections From 12 Days of Selfless Christmas

Becoming an Expert 

I have recently spent some time self-reflecting, which has resulted in a few epiphanies. Before I launch into those, I cannot believe we are at the end of 2016, and have only exactly three weeks until Christmas! This year has been filled with many blessings, obstacles, and opportunities. One of my recent insights came from … Continue reading Becoming an Expert 

Materialism, Value Systems, and Gentlemen

When's your payday? Do you get paid every day, every week, every other week, twice a month, monthly, or every time that you make a sale? Regardless of when you get paid, we can all agree on how rewarding it is to receive a payment for your services! You wake up, check your mobile banking … Continue reading Materialism, Value Systems, and Gentlemen

Friday Morning Reflection: Are You Just Happy the Week’s Over?

It's Friday! For some folks this marks the end of the work week.  You only have to get through one more day!  This is the mental approach that A LOT of the workforce chooses to embrace.  Choosing this perspective makes most of us not very productive, especially after lunch.  I would challenge you to change … Continue reading Friday Morning Reflection: Are You Just Happy the Week’s Over?

Selflessness: The Importance of Humility

I have recently went through an interview process.  While going through the process I had the opportunity to ask two highly respected and accomplished individuals what characteristics made others in the position successful.  They both said that humility was one of the most important character traits.  I believe that humility is important in any role, … Continue reading Selflessness: The Importance of Humility

How a Gentleman Practices Self-Development

One definition of a Gentleman, found in Webster's dictionary, is, "A man whose conduct conforms to a high standard of propriety or correct behavior." Baby boys do not come out of the womb a gentleman. If your conduct is going to conform to a high standard of propriety or correct behavior you must learn what … Continue reading How a Gentleman Practices Self-Development