The Year I Choose to be Intentional

"He who knows his why can endure any how." There have been many different versions of this quote; some by Victor Frankyl, Friedrich Nietzche, and many others. I want you to ask yourself, how are you going to endure 2017? What is your why for accomplishing your goals? It's January eight, and I would bet … Continue reading The Year I Choose to be Intentional


Happy New Year! Make 2017 Great

Once again, we embark on the journey of a new year. This year is going to be my year! I'm going to reinvent my career, body, and mind. Every January first these thoughts, goals, and aspirations fill our minds. Throughout January, most of these aspirations and goals will fly out the window, and you will … Continue reading Happy New Year! Make 2017 Great

Selflessness: The Importance of Humility

I have recently went through an interview process.  While going through the process I had the opportunity to ask two highly respected and accomplished individuals what characteristics made others in the position successful.  They both said that humility was one of the most important character traits.  I believe that humility is important in any role, … Continue reading Selflessness: The Importance of Humility

What Running has Taught me About Being a Gentleman

On the surface running and being a gentleman don't have much in common. When I think of runners a few images come to mind; the Kenyan elite runners, middle and high school cross country teams, and then the hodge-podge of sprinters, middle-aged runners, and weekend warriors. Most of these groups do not paint a mental … Continue reading What Running has Taught me About Being a Gentleman