How to Shop Like a Gentleman

It's Saturday afternoon or maybe Sunday after church.   You have your honey-do-list, and then there's your list; the list of sports games to catch up on, funny video clips to watch, a new movie, and your cue of Netflix shows. All of your activities and chores do not matter because your wife wants to spend [...]


5 Ways to Cherish Your Wife

Throughout culture we hear songs about love, see movies about romance, and listen to romance novels. Although there's an overwhelming focus on love, sex, and relationships, I think most of us are still missing the target. I can sometimes miss the target in my marriage with my wife; it's ok to not be perfect. As Gentlemen [...]

The Outdoor Gentleman

A mere week ago you would have found me out on the Appalachian Trail rather than sitting in my kitchen, sipping coffee, and writing a new article. There were many ups and downs throughout our hike, in both literal and figurative ways. My wife and I were out on the Appalachian Trail together for 6 [...]