A New Horizon

I want to thank everyone who has supported The GentlemenProject. I'm excited to announce that I'll be continuing my blogging journey on a new platform.  I've moved over to SquareSpace and I have a new name. The blog is called, The Gentlemen Revival.  You can find it here... TheGentlemenRevival I'm continuing my journey of creating … Continue reading A New Horizon


A Gentleman’s Season of Change

This Saturday started the same as many others; wake up, kiss my beautiful wife, start the coffee machine, have my morning time with the lord, and then check the weather.  There was something different this morning, it was 36 degrees...in Dallas!  While I warmly welcome this change, more than half of Dallas are still laying … Continue reading A Gentleman’s Season of Change

How to Shop Like a Gentleman

It's Saturday afternoon or maybe Sunday after church.   You have your honey-do-list, and then there's your list; the list of sports games to catch up on, funny video clips to watch, a new movie, and your cue of Netflix shows. All of your activities and chores do not matter because your wife wants to spend … Continue reading How to Shop Like a Gentleman

A Gentleman’s Valentine’s Day

When it comes to Valentine's Day there are typically two distinct perspectives. On one side of the coin are the men who pull out all the stops for this one night; flowers, candy, reservations at the best restaurant in town. (My hypothesis is that some of these men are hopeless romantics on just this one … Continue reading A Gentleman’s Valentine’s Day

Materialism, Value Systems, and Gentlemen

When's your payday? Do you get paid every day, every week, every other week, twice a month, monthly, or every time that you make a sale? Regardless of when you get paid, we can all agree on how rewarding it is to receive a payment for your services! You wake up, check your mobile banking … Continue reading Materialism, Value Systems, and Gentlemen

5 Ways to Cherish Your Wife

Throughout culture we hear songs about love, see movies about romance, and listen to romance novels. Although there's an overwhelming focus on love, sex, and relationships, I think most of us are still missing the target. I can sometimes miss the target in my marriage with my wife; it's ok to not be perfect. As Gentlemen … Continue reading 5 Ways to Cherish Your Wife

Small Ways to Show Love

Everyone who has seen one of the famous RomCom's; Sleepless in Seattle, Love Actually, Hitch, The Proposal, or Pretty Woman, knows that the best way to win over a woman's heart is through a grand act of love.  Although I do believe that there is definitely a time and a place for these grand acts … Continue reading Small Ways to Show Love