Christmas Questionnaire (1 minute read)

I'm quite the Christmas fanatic.  While waiting for my wife at urgent care I came across these Christmas questions.  I felt inclined to answer. Questions-Chai 1. What is Your Favorite Christmas Movie(s)? Elf  & White Christmas 2. What Tops Your Tree? A star 3. Have You Ever Had a White Christmas? Yes, many times.  I [...]


12 Days of Selfless Christmas (Day 8) (1 minute read)

First thing's first, winter is finally here.  Yesterday was the official first day of winter.  It was also the shortest day of the year, relative to sun light.  Therefore, if you're someone who lives for summer, we've made it to through the shortest days of the year, and with each day we're getting closer to summer! [...]

12 Days of Selfless Christmas (Day 7)

As my 12 days of selfless journey continues selfless opportunities continue to present themselves.  In my post yesterday I discussed the importance of preparing for these opportunities.   12 Days of Christmas (Day 6). If you didn't have an opportunity to read, I have included the link above. Yesterday, on the way to work,  I had [...]

12 Days of Selfless Christmas (Day 5)

Our final hours in Wisconsin were highlighted with one hour spent with the newest member of our family, our puppy.  We had the pleasure of spending Sunday morning with this little guy. Thank you to Jeane for breeding such beautiful puppies, and thank you to my mother and father in law for selflessly driving us [...]

12 Days of Selfless Christmas (Day 2)

As we inch closer to Christmas, I'm starting to be filled more with the "Christmas Spirit".  I'm not sure if it's all of the decorations, sugary sweets, or if it's the selfless acts I've performed and witnessed other's perform.  Today I'm writing to y'all from O'hare international airport in Chicago.  The airport is filled with [...]

12 Days of Selfless Christmas (Day 3 & 4)

Today, I'm writing from beautiful Athens, Wisconsin.  It's a winter wonderland on the edge of the north woods.  It's a much different than our home of Dallas!  This morning we woke up and the air temperature was -18 with a wind chill of -34!  I would bet that our folks in Texas were immobilized by [...]

12 Days of Selfless Christmas (Intro)

Christmas season is one of my favorite times of the year. Throughout my life many reasons for enjoying this time of the year have morphed from self-centered wants, to opportunities to see family members, and an opportunity to show your loved ones you care by showering them with presents, merry wishes, and time spent together. [...]