A Gentleman’s Season of Change

This Saturday started the same as many others; wake up, kiss my beautiful wife, start the coffee machine, have my morning time with the lord, and then check the weather.  There was something different this morning, it was 36 degrees...in Dallas!  While I warmly welcome this change, more than half of Dallas are still laying … Continue reading A Gentleman’s Season of Change


How to Not Overcommit

In today's quick paced environment it's easy to wake up and find that you're overcommitted.  This necessarily doesn't mean overcommitted to others; this could also mean you're overcommitting to yourself.  Our world is filled with continual newsfeed refreshes, instant-gratification, and positive praises towards those who overcommit.  Don't get me wrong, a Gentleman needs to be … Continue reading How to Not Overcommit

A Gentleman’s Valentine’s Day

When it comes to Valentine's Day there are typically two distinct perspectives. On one side of the coin are the men who pull out all the stops for this one night; flowers, candy, reservations at the best restaurant in town. (My hypothesis is that some of these men are hopeless romantics on just this one … Continue reading A Gentleman’s Valentine’s Day

Christmas Questionnaire (1 minute read)

I'm quite the Christmas fanatic.  While waiting for my wife at urgent care I came across these Christmas questions.  I felt inclined to answer. Questions-Chai 1. What is Your Favorite Christmas Movie(s)? Elf  & White Christmas 2. What Tops Your Tree? A star 3. Have You Ever Had a White Christmas? Yes, many times.  I … Continue reading Christmas Questionnaire (1 minute read)

12 Days of Selfless Christmas (Day 7)

As my 12 days of selfless journey continues selfless opportunities continue to present themselves.  In my post yesterday I discussed the importance of preparing for these opportunities.   12 Days of Christmas (Day 6). If you didn't have an opportunity to read, I have included the link above. Yesterday, on the way to work,  I had … Continue reading 12 Days of Selfless Christmas (Day 7)

12 Days of Selfless Christmas (Day 5)

Our final hours in Wisconsin were highlighted with one hour spent with the newest member of our family, our puppy.  We had the pleasure of spending Sunday morning with this little guy. Thank you to Jeane for breeding such beautiful puppies, and thank you to my mother and father in law for selflessly driving us … Continue reading 12 Days of Selfless Christmas (Day 5)

12 Days of Selfless Christmas (Intro)

Christmas season is one of my favorite times of the year. Throughout my life many reasons for enjoying this time of the year have morphed from self-centered wants, to opportunities to see family members, and an opportunity to show your loved ones you care by showering them with presents, merry wishes, and time spent together. … Continue reading 12 Days of Selfless Christmas (Intro)

4 ways to create a Gentlemanly Value System

Prior to viewing materialism through the lens of the pillars of the GentlemanProject I want to discuss the importance of creating and upholding your own personal value system. This is not a value system that is created by those around you, or by your hometown. This is a value system you create with yourself and … Continue reading 4 ways to create a Gentlemanly Value System

Materialism, Value Systems, and Gentlemen

When's your payday? Do you get paid every day, every week, every other week, twice a month, monthly, or every time that you make a sale? Regardless of when you get paid, we can all agree on how rewarding it is to receive a payment for your services! You wake up, check your mobile banking … Continue reading Materialism, Value Systems, and Gentlemen