A New Horizon

I want to thank everyone who has supported The GentlemenProject. I'm excited to announce that I'll be continuing my blogging journey on a new platform.  I've moved over to SquareSpace and I have a new name. The blog is called, The Gentlemen Revival.  You can find it here... TheGentlemenRevival I'm continuing my journey of creating … Continue reading A New Horizon


How to Not Overcommit

In today's quick paced environment it's easy to wake up and find that you're overcommitted.  This necessarily doesn't mean overcommitted to others; this could also mean you're overcommitting to yourself.  Our world is filled with continual newsfeed refreshes, instant-gratification, and positive praises towards those who overcommit.  Don't get me wrong, a Gentleman needs to be … Continue reading How to Not Overcommit

How to Shop Like a Gentleman

It's Saturday afternoon or maybe Sunday after church.   You have your honey-do-list, and then there's your list; the list of sports games to catch up on, funny video clips to watch, a new movie, and your cue of Netflix shows. All of your activities and chores do not matter because your wife wants to spend … Continue reading How to Shop Like a Gentleman

Happy New Year! Make 2017 Great

Once again, we embark on the journey of a new year. This year is going to be my year! I'm going to reinvent my career, body, and mind. Every January first these thoughts, goals, and aspirations fill our minds. Throughout January, most of these aspirations and goals will fly out the window, and you will … Continue reading Happy New Year! Make 2017 Great

Christmas Questionnaire (1 minute read)

I'm quite the Christmas fanatic.  While waiting for my wife at urgent care I came across these Christmas questions.  I felt inclined to answer. Questions-Chai 1. What is Your Favorite Christmas Movie(s)? Elf  & White Christmas 2. What Tops Your Tree? A star 3. Have You Ever Had a White Christmas? Yes, many times.  I … Continue reading Christmas Questionnaire (1 minute read)

12 Days of Selfless Christmas (Day 7)

As my 12 days of selfless journey continues selfless opportunities continue to present themselves.  In my post yesterday I discussed the importance of preparing for these opportunities.   12 Days of Christmas (Day 6). If you didn't have an opportunity to read, I have included the link above. Yesterday, on the way to work,  I had … Continue reading 12 Days of Selfless Christmas (Day 7)

12 Days of Selfless Christmas (Intro)

Christmas season is one of my favorite times of the year. Throughout my life many reasons for enjoying this time of the year have morphed from self-centered wants, to opportunities to see family members, and an opportunity to show your loved ones you care by showering them with presents, merry wishes, and time spent together. … Continue reading 12 Days of Selfless Christmas (Intro)

Becoming an Expert 

I have recently spent some time self-reflecting, which has resulted in a few epiphanies. Before I launch into those, I cannot believe we are at the end of 2016, and have only exactly three weeks until Christmas! This year has been filled with many blessings, obstacles, and opportunities. One of my recent insights came from … Continue reading Becoming an Expert